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(A) Development and enrichment of parsed corpora

Adding linguistic information to parsed corpora [abstract]
Susan Pintzuk
University of York

Seeding lexical semantics: resources using parsed corpora [abstract]
Alastair Butler, Stephen Wright Horn and Iku Nagasaki
National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics (NINJAL), Tokyo

Building a Chinese AMR Corpus with Concept and Relation Alignments [abstract]
Bin Li, Yuan Wen, Li Song, Weiguang Qu (Nanjing Normal University),
Chuan Wang, Nianwen Xue (Brandeis University)

(B) Linguistic research using parsed corpora

Evidence for Two Kinds of OV Word Order [abstract]
Anthony Kroch and Beatrice Santorini
University of Pennsylvania

Using parallel treebanks for comparative syntax with Poly-GrETEL [abstract]
Liesbeth Augustinus
University of Leuven

A case study on the Coordinate Structure Constraint in Japanese [abstract]
Yusuke Kubota and Ai Kubota
University of Tsukuba and ex-NINJAL

Parsed Corpus as a source for testing generalizations in Japanese syntax [abstract]
Kishimoto, Hideki and Prashant Pardeshi
Kobe University and NINJAL

(C) Application of parsed corpora to language pedagogy

Exploiting parsed corpora in grammar teaching [abstract]
Sean Wallis
University College London

Exploiting coreferential information in NPCMJ for L2 reading of Japanese texts [abstract]
Kei Yoshimoto and Akiko Takahashi
Tohoku University and Miyagi University of Education


(P-1) Verb frequency as a sentence-production factor modulating historical Object-Verb to Verb-Object changes in West-Germanic languages
Gerard Kempen and Karin Harbusch
Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics and Universitat Koblenz-Landau

(P-2) Analysis of Chinese noun phrase: On the difference between topic and subject
Zhen Zhou
Tohoku University

(P-3) Corpus-driven approach for vocabulary variation and sentence complexity in medicine journal articles
Seonmin Park

(P-4) Case particle omission correlates with the object syntactic complexity: Evidence from the Corpus of Kansai Vernacular Japanese
Kevin Heffernan, Yusuke Imanishi, Masaru Honda and Yo Sato
Kwansei Gakuin University, Kwansei Gakuin University, Kwansei Gakuin University and Satama Language Services, England

(P-5) Metaphorical usage with the expression ‘love’ in Learner Corpus
Yoo Lae Kim, Jaejun Kim and Sanghoun Song
Dongguk University, Dongguk University and Incheon National University

(P-6) Developing a model of typical Japanese grammar development: The role of parsed corpora and parsing programs
Susanne Miyata and Alastair Butler
Aichi Shukutoku University and NINJAL

(P-7) Analyzing the unanalyzable: Creation of the error-production rules
Sanghoun Song
Incheon National University

(P-8) Treebank Semantics parsed corpus series
Alastair Butler and Stephen Wright Horn

(P-9) The -te aru construction in context: A corpus-based study of Standard Japanese
Yumiko Kinjo and Iku Nagasaki

(P-10) Examples of using the NPCMJ Corpus for theoretical linguistic studies
Ayaka Suzuki and Misato Ido

(P-11) Extracting complex expressions from a parsed corpus through post-processing techniques
Wataru Okubo
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies / NINJAL